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EVENT: yoga + Magic

This particular event combines yoga, food, and everyone's favorite preteen wizard. The evening begins with a 45 minute practice (restorative or vinyasa), and moves into a screening of HP I. Snacks and beverages vary depending on the request of the booking party. This is the perfect bonding night, friends, birthday party, or family activity.   Email megan@philosophersom.com for any questions!


Often times, general population, or studio classes, are the most time and cost effective options for someone seeking in person instruction. We take you from balasana (child's pose) all the way to shavasana (corpse pose), and most things in between, with an emphasis on foundation and fundamentals. We break down poses, and show you multiple variations that aren't often offered in gen pop classes, so that you can feel confident in each pose. We start out with a restorative class, and over the course of eight 75 minute classes*, incorporate more and more elements of vinyasa, so that you'll be ready for any class in the city!


 *Some individuals may need more than eight classes for this series, we suggest you reach out via e-mail to see whether this workshop, or private instruction is more suited for you individually

**Due Megan's May schedule, she will not be holding any gen pop events or workshops until June.